Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural, Farm and Equine Horse Insurance from Absolute Insurance of Palm Beach County helps you protect your Florida legacy and your part of the American Dream.

Farm Coverage including personal farm property insurance, farm dwelling insurance and farm liability coverage give you protection against the unexpected including injuries, medical bills, propery damage and animal liability. We also offer flexible coverage for rented or leased land and hunting and fishing liability. Protect yourself against natural disasters like fire, lightning and hail as well as vanadlism and theft. Protect your equipment, machinery and animals.

Penn State Extension has an excellent article here on agribusiness insurance:

“Whether you are currently engaged in an agricultural business or are in the process of starting one, insurance should be part of your risk management strategy. Risk management can take many forms, including insurance, production and marketing diversification, and business structure. Insurance shifts some of the risk from your business to the insurance carrier.”

Horse Coverage from Absolute includes personal liability insurance, legal defense insurance or liability limits. You can also purchase a health insuance and/or life insurance policy for your horse- after all, they’re really just another member of the family! Did you know that private horse ownership in the US is a $102 billion dollar industry? Make sure your piece of it is safe with a policy from Absolute.

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