Contractor Tools Insurance- If you are a Contractor then you need specific tools to do your job.  These tools can be expensive and can put you out of work if you get them stolen or damaged.  You can purchase “Artisan Contractors equipment Insurance” to protect your tools.  Hand tools are normally covered on a blanket basis with no list or schedule. No item can exceed $1,000 in value and you can have as much as a total value if $25,000.00.  Your tools would be covered for fire, theft, vandalism, water damage, lightning, and damage if your truck or van where stolen or in an accident.

You can also purchase an installation material floater. This coverage is important if you are going to have material on the job site for a few days.  The material you purchase for you customers jobs can be very expensive, make sure it is insured.  A material floater policy is inexpensive. And it covers material in transit to job site and while on job site waiting to be installed.

Did you know……that over 80% of landscapers in Florida have had a theft loss on their equipment?

Did you know………that most contractor tools coverage can be added to you general liability policy for under $200.00 per year.

Call one of our professional agents to advise you on the coverage we offer and how we can better protect your business.