FR44 Auto Insurance Palm Beach County, Florida

//FR44 Auto Insurance Palm Beach County, Florida
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Did you know…..FR44 Insurance is a three-year DUI and DWI insurance coverage meant to address a higher liability limit as mandated by the Florida legislature?

The FR-44 also provides proof of financial responsibility, but mandates that you carry higher liability limits. The FR-44 is used only in Florida and Virginia currently and is required instead of the SR-22 when you have been convicted of certain alcohol-related offenses.

In Florida, FR-44 requires bodily injury liability limits of $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident and property damage liability limits of $50,000. This is written as 100/300/50.

To obtain an estimate for the price of insurance with an FR44 only takes a few moments.  When you are ready to purchase your insurance, Absolute Insurance can often provide you with a new temporary ID card and FR44 in the same day.

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