Did you know… Pollution is excluded from all insurance policies unless it is bought back on to the policy or you buy a separate pollution insurance policy.

Until the 1970’s Pollution liability coverage was typically covered in a business insurance policy.  When an arise of asbestos claims occurred, things changed for business policies and they no longer included pollution.  There were so many cases that bankruptcy started emerging among many companies.

This type of insurance comes into play to cover claims for injuries, sicknesses and death due to pollution.  In order to get this insurance policy, there will be some factors that influence costs such as: Type of business being insured, type of chemicals and hazardous materials used, the disposal method of hazardous waste and the proximity of the business to residential neighborhoods.

Did you know… If you own a piece of construction machinery (like a bobcat) and it leaks oil or hydraulic fluid resulting in property damage, the damage will not be covered because of the pollution exclusion on your policy.  Don’t let a small thing like this destroy your company.

Did you know… The American Lung Society credits the Clean Air Act with the decline in air pollutants and expects that recent amendments will save more than 230,000 lives by 2020.