It’s time to enjoy yourself! The open road, freedom to venture out and explore America! But if you do not have the correct insurance policy and have an incident, you could run into a much bigger problem. That is why you need one of our friendly and experienced agents to help put together a recreational vehicle policy for you.

Having an RV is like traveling with your home; It is an auto policy and a homeowner’s policy meshed together.

Coverage to look for when buying a recreation vehicle policy:
– Liability coverage: provides you with bodily injury and property damage coverage, medical payments, uninsured coverage, and more.
– Comprehensive and Collision coverage is an option for total vehicle replacement is available.
– Vacation Liability coverage for when you stop driving and start using your recreational vehicle as a temporary residence
– Personal Effect Coverage provides replacement cost for damage or loss to items normally used with your RV
– Roadside Assistance has you covered 24/7 in the event of a breakdown or accident. Some will even allow you to upgrade the coverage to include lodging, transportation, and meal coverage if needed.