Vacation time! Get ready to head out for some fun and down time; But you have to remember that you are towing a portable house behind you. The way people drive in Florida, you better make sure you have your investment covered correctly with travel trailer insurance.

Florida does not require you to carry insurance, but we suggest you do. Your auto policy will only extend liability to your travel trailer in tow; That means that if you hit something, your auto policy will only pay for damages to the other parties’ liability and property damage. Your travel trailer will not be covered unless you bought travel trailer insurance.

Did you know…When your travel trailer is unhooked from its tow vehicle, there is no liability coverage

Damage to the trailer is covered by:
– Comprehensive: This covers your travel trailer in the event it is damaged by fire, theft or vandalism. You can choose from total loss replacement, agreed value or actual cash value.
-Collision: This covers in the event the travel trailer is damaged in a collision. This would include an accident while you are towing your travel trailer.
– Other coverages available for travel trailer insurance:
– Medical payments due to an injury related to the trailer
– Emergency Expense
– Vacation Liability
– Personal Effects
– Roadside Assistance