Workers Compensation Insurance- A broken leg, a concussion, or even slipping from a puddle of water; unexpected things can happen and you need to be prepared and insured. Just one injury can sideline an employee for months, leading to serious financial hardship. Since fault does not matter when it comes to workplace injuries, you as the business owner, will be responsible for an employee injured on the job.

Fortunately, a good workers compensation policy will protect your business from lawsuits and will pay your employees medical bills and for loss of income.

If you are in an industry, other than construction, and have four or more employees, full or part time, you are required to carry workers comp coverage. (An exempted corporate officer does not count as an employee.)  As a business owner, the rates that you will pay depends on the type of business you are in, your workers compensation track record and how much you pay your employees. A number of factors go into determining the annual premium your insurance carrier will charge.
If you are in the construction industry and have one more employee, you are required to carry workers compensation insurance.

Did you know… Florida workman’s compensation policies are eligible for many premium lowering credits, by having a workplace safety program and being a certified drug free workplace?

One of our agents can provide a full explanation of the importance and coverages within this product.  We provide Florida’s business owners with the most competitive rates for workers compensation insurance anywhere. Let us guide you through the buying process and keep you feeling confident through the policy period. We are here to help you for life, our service does not stop after the sale of the policy.